Return from the Land of the Rising Sun

So I arrived back in Aus a couple days ago. Between sleeping to recover and volunteering to help at church carols I’ve been pretty out of it, and as such have put off writing this post. In short, the trip to Japan was very enjoyable. Fast paced, but enjoyable. Most days were fully packed, getting up at 7 or 8 to go see as much as we could and end up going to bed at like midnight. A natural occurrence of this was: not a lot of downtime to do design work for the continuation of the game jam entry 1291 (which really needs a more natural name to refer to it as). That said, there wasn’t no work done. Just less than I initially thought. There was a 9 hour layover in Hong Kong on the return trip that I thought a decent amount might get done but instead sleeping just happened.

So plans for the immediate future (in no particular order):

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I know it is still early days for this blog, one game jam and only a handful of posts to go with it plus “Where even is that post-jam wrap up report/post, huh?” I hear you say, hypothetical reader. Rest assured I will address everything in this post.

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The Mid-Jam Report

No post Friday as expected, and clearly I didn’t manage to get one up Saturday. I got very intimate with the underside of my car to change the rear axle boots and lying on the concrete floor of the carport most of the day really took its toll.

Fortunately I was able to get some hours work in today. Status report: Basics are more or less implemented. I probably need a better system to coordinate cut-scenes , but the projectiles are pretty much on lock. They could use a little extra functionality to be able to choose a target point and calculate a velocity based on that, rather than just take a velocity, and other such things. The player ship can move up and down. Haven’t decided if left/right movement should be included.

The only thing that is really missing that I would consider part of the “basics” for this prototype is boss phase changing after damage thresholds. Everything else is pretty much content, polish, or expanding on something I managed to do today. Things like different types of weapons (lasers, homing shots, etc.), an actual level populated with mobs before the boss, mini-bosses, animations.

One of these polish things to add would be “better graphics”. I have decided that this version, the jam version, of the game will be a prototype. And as it is the xkcd Game Jam, I decided to use graphics cropped out of xkcd comics. However, as the comics are not high resolution, inflating these croppings result in somewhat poor quality graphics. So as I would like to expand the prototype to a full game, I would also like to take the time to create or source decent images for the game.

That is all for this update. It is getting late as I type this and I have work in the morning. As the jam doesn’t end till 9PM tomorrow night, I should hopefully get some additional work done on it after my job. I will probably try to make a phasing mechanism as it is the last of the “fundamentals” for the prototype. After the jam finishes, expect a wrap up post on what I actually got done and where to get the “game” to fiddle with so you can give feedback on it to help the development of the full version of the game.

xkcd Game Jam

As a long time reader of xkcd (about 5 years now) and an fledgling game developer, I am proud to announce that Rainbow Serpent Labs will be participating in the xkcd game jam being hosted over at, here.

Currently there is a generic, placeholder project under the Current Projects, that I will update along with posts in the lead up to the jam itself.

This is the first post for the site. If you are here to witness our inception you may very well be witnessing the origin of a highly successful indie game company… or not, as the case may be. Only time will tell.

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